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Our salmon

Our fresh salmon is smoked onsite by using a conventional wood smoker to ensure the end product is a mouth watering, gorgeous smokey flavour with every bite.

Customers can't help but be enticed by the smoke from the smoker and the rich flavours filling the air. It is the key selling point for our unique hot smoked salmon. At Mudgys Hot Smoked Salmon it is smoked onsite and you can be assured ultimate freshness. 

Potential customers are able to taste the samples and decide which of the 3 flavours they wanted to buy, or in some cases settling on all 3.

Many hours of flavour testing went into getting the unique 'Mudgy's' taste. It is a 3 stage process, marinated for a period of time then powdered with my own special ingredient topped with the 3 flavours, Chilli, Italian Herb and Dill. Next, it is cooked at the right temperature and time to give the salmon it's 'melt in the mouth' texture.

This process, and emphasis on the taste being the important factor, has allowed the taster to get the 'Wow' expression on their face and the comments are so rewarding.

Salmon is one of the healthiest foods and rich in vitamin B and protein. It also compliments many food dishes, from salads to pasta.